Monday, June 28, 2010

David Kassan finger painting on the Apple iPad from the live model

This blog isn't normally a place I would post a finger painting demo, but this video by David Kassan is so cool, I couldn't resist.

An Apple ipad live fingerpainting demo that David Kassan streamed live from my Brooklyn studio on Monday June 21st. 2010, The model sat for 3 hours as David painted and answered questions on how I use the iPad and the Brushes app.


James Ryman said...

Thanks for posting that. Very interesting indeed.

tess stieben said...

freekin cool!

Unknown said...

Getting closer ti iFrame, where for $0.99 you can download your Masterpiece from the iArt store.
"Honey, the Smiths are here. Have you changed the iPicture? You know they hate Picasso."

Bradley Hankey said...

I recently saw a film about David Hockney at LACMA, and after the film he presented his latest work to the audience. The works were drawings on his iPad. He was fascinated with this new medium, and how the process can be reviewed and played back, and how it almost becomes as important as the final product. I am an oil painter, which seems very old-school sometimes, but I still find this fascinating.