Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Brad Woodfin at Sloan Fine Art until February 5, 2011, New York

Brad Woodfin's new exhibition "The Strangers" at Sloan Fine Art in New York is rather impressive.

"The magnificently rendered wildlife creatures in Brad Woodfin’s paintings delicately emerge from a deep black background. Barely breaking the glossy surface shadow, they exist in a no man’s land between darkness and light, mystery and revelation, power and vulnerability. These majestic creatures are familiar to us through nature shows and childhood education. Yet they are strangers, forever unknown. Each lone figure represents the little ease of those among us who are strangers, with moods inspired by the wearing of masks, Noh theatre and Fever Ray, as well as by the animals themselves. "

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"Ibis", 2010, 20" x 16", oil on panel

"Curlew", 2010, 10" x 8", oil on panel

"Hare (The Strangers)", 2010, 16" x 12", oil on panel

"Koudou", 2010, 16" x 20", oil on panel