Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Eric Armusik, Fire Sale!, May 20 to June 20

I know Eric Armusik & his art through the ether that is the online community of artists and have long admired his paintings. Artists move on in their art, that doesn't mean their older art isn't of value, but many artists feel the need to get rid of it, get it out of sight, or even destroy it.

I've been going through a studio cleanout lately and destroying old work that I feel shouldn't be released and work older than 2 years is being recalled back from galleries and taken off the market permanently.

Eric Armusik has his own solution, a Fire Sale, buy the paintings in the next 30 days or they will set on fire! To prove he is serious, he sets one one on fire on this YouTube Video

Go to Eric's website by Clicking Here and rescue a painting from the flames.

Wonderful paintings like this one will otherwise burn.

2:00 AM, Oil on Oak, 2004, 18" x 24"

*Featured in the December 2005 issue of American Artist Magazine
Winner 2004 Allied Artist of America Award from the Salmagundi Club, NYC


Unknown said...

I would love to be able to buy works that get destroyed and it hurts me deeply to see it gone.
It's sad, when people know that there is someone out there who would cherish the works, but cannot afford them.
There should be a food for soul bank for poor people.
Just my belief.

Patricia said...

Wouldn't it be more productive to re-use the materials by painting over the work, donating it to local hospitals, homes for the elderly, art schools that could pass the canvas on to students etc...?

DennyHollandStudio said...

What a gimmick.

Anonymous said...

you have a good taste!............................................................

Anonymous said...

Burn baby Burn!

LOL... You really should publish a retraction on June 21st and then give the paintings away to people who want them but can't afford them in this economy... Keep the PR going...