Friday, May 22, 2009

Robert Longo : until May 30, Metro Pictures, New York

Surrendering the Absolutes, an exhibition of new work by Robert Longo is well worth a visit. This exhibition features a group of Longo's signature large-scale charcoal drawings and according to the press release, the works represent "a departure from his recent serial approach to a subject and instead are linked by atmospheric sensations of light and abstracted imagery".

The centerpiece of the show is a five-panel 25-foot drawing "Untitled (Cathedral of Light)," an image of glaring sunlight flooding through massive cathedral windows.

Also included in the exhibition is a sculpture, a 12-foot tower of four black charcoal drawings framed behind glass making explicit Longo's interest in the "cacophony of reflections created in the rooms where his works hang, by both mirroring the objects in its presence and co-opting them into its black void".

For more information go to Metro Pictures

Surrendering the Absolutes, 2009, Installation view

Untitled (Et In Arcadia Ego), 2009, Charcoal on mounted paper, 60 x 114 inches, 152.4 x 289.6 cm

Untitled (City of Glass), 2009, Charcoal on mounted paper, 70 x 96 inches , 177.8 x 243.8 cm

Surrendering the Absolutes, 2009, Installation view

Untitled (The Judge's Hat), 2009, Charcoal on mounted paper, 70 x 86 inches image, 177.8 x 218.4 cm

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Cindy said...

Thanks for posting the work of Robert Longo. 20 years ago, I very much enjoyed his series of larger than life body portraits of people in different poses/movement. This charcoal series is thoroughly mesmerizing and must be magical to view in real life.