Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jenny Saville's painting on album cover banned from public display

Nothing attracts attention like censorship and this week we have the story of a Jenny Saville painting deemed inappropriate to be viewed by the public. The arbitrators of taste, being the supermarkets are refusing to display the album cover.

"The banned Manics sleeve proves that paint still has the power to shock" says Jonathan Jones in his article in the

The Manics' James Dean Bradfield ... 'We just thought it was a beautiful painting'.

"Manic Street Preachers album cover censored by supermarkets"
to read the rest of Sean Michael's article go to the


Unknown said...

I believe supermarkets have critics on staff to detect and eliminate vegetables that have inappropriate shapes.
After trials by media now we have education by supermarkets. What next?

i, me said...

Oh come on, private companies have a right to display what they want. This is not 'censorship'.

José Carrilho (Go Detail) said...


I quite appreciate this painting style.
It transmits strenght, technique and creativity.

Best regards,


Joe VDB said...

It's a lovely painting of a painful-looking subject. Thank goodness for the internet--almost uncensorable.

degihari said...
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degihari said...

View the full painting here

Anonymous said...

Jenny Saville's work has always struck a cord with mix controversy. Her figurative imagery relays through heavy brushstrokes strength and a sense of pain and conflict. Really stops a person in their tracks.