Thursday, February 25, 2010

Giles Alexander, until 13 March, Peter Walker Fine Art, Adelaide, South Australia

The Adelaide Festival and Adelaide Fringe Festival started this week with a plethora of exhibition openings, most of the big shows not really worth seeing. But what is worth visiting is Giles Alexander's exhibition of new paintings at Peter Walker Fine Art .

Giles, a young artist on the ascend is in the early process of creating an international presence with group exhibitions in London, Hong Kong and with Haunch of Venison Gallery in New York taking on some of Giles' new paintings.

To visit Giles Alexander's website CLICK HERE

I took this photo at the opening of Giles in front of his paintings to also try to show the pristine gloss surface of the resin coating the oil paint. There is quality to the paintings that needs to be experienced in the flesh, something that photography cannot easily reproduce.

Making Others Wrong 2, Oil and resin on Canvas, 150 x 93cm

Making Others Wrong 1 , Oil and resin on Canvas , 65 x 105cm

War Games , Oil and resin on Canvas , 65 x 105cm

Infinity and Beyond , Oil and resin on Canvas , 65 x 105cm

Church Militant , Oil and resin on Canvas , 49 x 33cm

The Eye of God , Oil and resin on Canvas, 65 x 105cm

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Unknown said...

Stunning. Thanks for promoting "local" talent, Jim.