Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Alvin Richard, until October 30, Handiworks Gallery, Saint John, Canada

I have been keeping an eye on Alvin Richard's art for some time and I'm pleased to see his current exhibition at Handiworks Gallery is such a success.

Alvin, a self-taught artist of over twenty years experience also works as a registered nurse and it's this experience that has led him to truly appreciate how fragile life can be. This has in turn become the subject of his painting life, observing the joys of everyday existence.

To find out more about Alvin and see more of his art, visit his blog by Clicking Here

Collecting stamps: A closer look at American Art, 12 x 12'', acrylic on hardboard - 2009

Marbles on Three Coke Bottles, 5 x 7'', acrylic on geesoed hardboard

Bel Air in Monterey, 15 x 11'', 2009, acrylic on gessoed hardboard

Two pinwheel candies on Target, 12 x 12'', acrylic on gessoed hardboard - 2009

BBQ Caddy, 16 x 12'', acrylic on canvas - 2009