Thursday, April 1, 2010

American Painting Video Magazine

American Painting Video Magazine has just launched it's premier issue. The idea behind APVM comes from artist Michael Klein and it is to provide a current source of information and entertainment to the realist artists. Their mission is straight forward, sharing with like-minded artists insight into the classical art world. Spreading a wealth of information and making it available to everyone in all parts of the world at an affordable price.

This is a briliant idea, a wonderful service and is executed with exacting professionalism. I wish them well and look forward to many more American Painting Video Magazine issues being produced.

Jacob Collins, founder of the Grand Central Academy of Art and the Hudson River Fellowship.

The first issue (APVM Spring issue, vol.I), features Paul G. Oxborough, Carlo Russo, Jacob Collins, Peter Trippi, Kerry Dunn, Travis Schlaht, Robert Armetta, Long Island Academy of Fine Art, Matthew Innis and Robert Liberace.

Over 2 hours of content for the modest download fee of $10

Owner of Eleanor Ettinger Gallery, Frann Bradford discussing Paul G. Oxborough's paintings.

To view the trailer of the first issue of American Painting Video Magazine Click Here

To visit American Painting Video Magazine's website Click here

Carlo Russo working on a painting in his studio in Philadelphia.

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DennyHollandStudio said...

I have downloaded this 2-part series and it is excellent. I hope APVM continues with more inspiring installments. thumbs up!