Friday, February 12, 2010

Between Realities, Principle Gallery, Alexandria, Virginia

Between Realities: Painting the Moments that Deviate from the Normal
is an exhibition curated by founding members of Broad Street Studio , an artist group created by Jason John, Joshua Suda, and Brian Martin.

‘Between Realities’. The exhibition explores the visual spectrum within which artists paint the place(s) between the ordinary, monotonous and sobering reality, and the extraordinary – the sphere that depicts the periphery where reality and non-reality meet.

To view the exhibition CLICK HERE

Joshua Suda, Amalgamation - 12 x 16, Oil on Panel

Jason John, The Glow A - 12 x 6, Oil on Panel

Brian Martin, Phase 1 - 12 x 9, Oil on Panel

Will Wilson, The Wee Willy... - 9.5 x 9.5, Oil on Panel

Daniel Sprick, Studio Interior - 14 x 11, Oil on Panel

Stephen Cefalo, Aether - 9 x 12, Oil on Panel

David Lindsay, The Four... - 12 x 8, Oil on Panel, Installation

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Stefan Maguran said...

Very interesting - especially the last one - how much would that be? How do you hang it? So intriguing.