Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trompe L'oeil Invitational, Oct/Nov, Meyer Gallery, Santa Fe

The Trompe L'oeil Invitational at Meyer Gallery Santa Fe includes a young artist that I'm keeping an eye on. Her name is Star Galler and ever since I discovered her art after seeing the artwork "Tea Party", some months back, I've been waiting for an excuse to mention her here.

Star Galler, Tea Party, charcoal, 15 X 13 inches ( click on the image for an enlargement )

Star Galler about her art; "The creation of my art is both my greatest pleasure and most intense torture. The desire for perfection can be almost too much to suffer, but then there is a moment in painting more rewarding than any I have ever experienced: the moment when the very thing you are painting suddenly takes on a life and actually seems to look back at you. And even better, it is incredible to watch a viewer develop an intimate relationship with the subject in my painting that has nothing to do with myself as the artist. I live for those moments."

To find out more about Star Galler, visit her website

Star Galler, Phoenix, charcoal, 16 X 10 inches

Anthony Waichulis, Best Laid Plans, oil, 14 X 11 inches

Jhenna Quinn Lewis, Bird, oil, 8 X 6 inches

Jacob A. Pfeiffer, Monkey Wrench, oil, 12 X 9 inches

Slade Wheeler, Paradigm Shift, oil, 12 X 9 inches

Jay Davenport, Place Your Bets, oil, 14 X 11 inches

Michael Gallarda, Untitled, oil, 10 X 8 inches

To see all the works in the Trompe L'oeil Invitational, Click Here


Stefan Maguran said...

Amazing skill in all of these works, but I find it hard to connect. Is it just me?

JT Harding said...

I agree. The skill is there. It's the conventions (like the photos taped to the backgrounds) that the Trompe L'oeil artist use that make it kind of "been there seen that."