Monday, June 1, 2009

The Influence of Photography in Painting, June 2- July 10, ROLLO Contemporary Art Gallery, London

The Influence of Photography in Painting at ROLLO Contemporary Art Gallery is a group exhibition of 3 international painters whose works display a relationship to the photographic medium.

Tiina Heiska (Finnish, lives and works in Finland)

Tiina Heiska, Crawling Girl, Oil on Canvas, 110 x 150 cm

The figure in Tiina's cinematic and blurred paintings is of herself in motion, creating a sense of distance from her self-portraiture by subjecting her imagery to this process of double detachment – from reality to photo to painting.

Antonio Santin (Spanish, lives and works in Madrid and Berlin)

Antonio Santin, Katrin Lola, Oil on Canvas, 100 x 90 cm

Santin’s larger than life paintings of women’s faces start with a model being photographed in his studio. When translating these photographs into paint, Santin disturbs his sugary sweet images by applying abstract gestures of paint over the surface of the photo-realist painted faces. A provocative gesture and a painterly violation of photographic intentions, whilst "simultaneously suggesting a celebration of the freedom of paint, enlivening an image from the flatness and fixed, controlled nature of the photographic image".

Andrew Hollis (South African, lives and works in U.K.)

Andrew Hollis, 2009, Untitled, oil on linen, 50 x 75 cm

Andrew Hollis starts with photographic images, taken from magazines and newspapers and translates these into paint, creating images with bold brush-stokes. The emphasis is on the materiality of paint in his work whilst nonetheless still consciously retaining the sense of a photograph,

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